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“That creates engagement as well, and that trademark community that we’re really about,” said Miller.

Adult Swim has seen significant traffic spikes for its newsy livestream events.

Look at what State Farm is doing right now with Swap Shop, it really shows that it’s more than just a spot,” said Miller.

“The series create more custom integrated opportunities.

Between Comic-Con and its live events earlier this year, “we’re able to eventize and capture these real-time moments,” said Christina Miller, president and gm of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

“We’re playing on the edges of trying to figure out what’s interesting, and what’s interesting to our audience, and then we stick with it awhile,” said Miller.

In Development Meeting, viewers can call into the meeting and pitch ideas for Adult Swim programming.

“Anybody can call into any of these shows, so it is always about not just watching us, but participating with us,” said Miller.

Hardee’s, registered 3 million unique visitors over that weekend, while Facebook, which also hosted the livestream, recorded 43.3 million impressions and 8.7 million video views combined. Hardee’s posts during the sneak preview had 11.7 million impressions and 2.2 million video views combined.

Most recently, the Rick and Morty Q&A livestream, which FDA sponsored, was even bigger, said Miller, though the network did not provide specifics.

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